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Sea Salt Soaps

Sea Salt Soaps

Natural cleansing for translucently clean skin

Salt Soap 30


Blessings of the Sea Salt Soap 30 is a plant-based soap containing 30% ocean mineral salts.  The salt concentration of Salt Soap 30 is equivalent to that of the human body.  The luxuriant lather produced by this soap cleanses the pores naturally, leaving the skin delightfully smooth and refreshingly moist.

Hanaemu Blessings of the Sea

The Sea Salt Soap series is the latest addition to the Hanaemu brand - mindful beauty for the body and soul.

Rejuvenate your complexion with the cleansing power of the sea.

Produced with a botanical soap base and mineral-rich ocean salts, Blessings of the Sea salt soaps create a fine lather that cleanses pores of oils and impurities, tightening and smoothing the surface of the skin while leaving it moistened and radiant.

Nature's Soap

For twenty years Blessings of the Sea salt soaps have been produced in Miyaki, Japan, using a patented vacuum compression process that requires no heat or water, just botanical soap base and ocean mineral salts. Because there are no emulsifiers or synthetic compounds in this soap, it is ideal for those with sensitive skin.


What are the benefits of a salt soap?

The raw materials of Salt Soaps contain more salt than other soaps. The concentration of salt when foamed is very close to that of human body (0.9%), so it hardly stains the eyes. It is safe to use for babies and infants.

It is also recommended for sensitive skin and eczema conditions due to the gentleness of the soap. The lather is crisp and refreshing, and the skin is firmed after washing.

Blessings of the Sea Salt Soaps will leave your skin feeling revitalized and healthy.

What are the ingredients?

Sea Salt Soap 30 is made from just botanical soap base and sea salt.

Synthetic surfactants, preservatives, fragrances, and petroleum-based ingredients are not used.

The different variety of Sea Salt Soap contain natural additives such as olive oil and charcoal, which can be checked on each product page.

The additives Catechin, Hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin are all extracted from plants.

How are the soaps made?

Unlike ordinary soaps, Blessings of the Sea Salt Soaps do do not use water during production. Instead, they are made using a patented vacuum pressurization method, in which the soaps are solidified under 90 tons of pressure. Therefore, there is no need to add preservatives or other synthetic ingredients to our salt soaps.